Dance a Little, Live a Little


"evocative, alluring and strangely comforting" - Tim Ritchie, ABC Radio National

"lovingly constructed offerings" - Chris Peken, Altmedia

"this album continues to surprise" - Bernard Zuel, SMH

"wildly eclectic... quirky, playful hipness coupled with emotional openness...
an ever-changing, surprising ride of an album"
- Lucky Oceans, ABC Radio National

"In a sweet spot between, jazz, pop and folk Liz Martin has found a groove that perfectly
conveys the subtle, wistful, longing of a poet’s muse with a suite of songs that range from
heart achingly tender ballads to playful instrumentals. It is a remarkable collection of work,
stylistically cohesive, yet varied and rich, stamped with the authority of some of Sydney’s
finest musicians. But at the centre of everything is a voice that is beauty itself"
- Ian Shadwell,

Beneath the Stars

"So fantastic, her voice has to be heard. Idiosyncratic and quirky, what I love
about her voice is the honesty"
- Paul Mac, 3000 feet high

"Leaping forth from the myriad of acoustic singer-songwriters is this 
distinctive voice
of cultivated electro pop, electronica and blues... 
this more than worth your time"
- Chris Peken, City Hub

"From play one, I felt an instant connection and obviously I was not 
alone. Every spin on
FBi provoked listener response, which I can 
assure is not the norm"
Stephen Ferris FBi 94.FM