Here’s an artist who has not allowed herself to be pigeonholed. She has worked on a range of genres and with various production approaches. She could have gone electronic, she could have gone indie but instead, she has gathered up a whole new range of genres to call her own. On this album (Dance a Little, Live a Little), local singer Liz Martin shows her maturity not by saying I’ve found my niche, but by saying ‘I can do it all’. You’ll hear glam rock, Hebrew melodies, New Orleans big band tunes, Parisian sultriness, and sci-fi romanticism. Phew, wouldn’t that be exhausting as a listen? In a word, no. More like evocative, alluring and strangely comforting. And played by wonderful musicians!
- Tim Ritchie, ABC Radio National
Liz first came into the music world with nylon-string guitar in hand during the folk infused days of the mid 90s. It was clear, even then, that Liz had a certain quality which lifted her above the stylists and try hards. A pure beauty in performance, the wise soul of a poet. Not long after Liz fell into the underworld of Sydney's electro world and began writing and recording with producer Paul Mac. Together they produced songs released thru kooky, oddmanout, and creative vibes. In 2001 Liz received a gold record for her guest vocals on Everywhere I Go, a track from Paul Mac's first solo album, 3000 feet high (Eleven/EMI), a chart success which also featured Silverchair's Ben Gillies on drums and Chris Joannou on bass guitar.

In 2006, Liz released her first solo album, Beneath the Stars (Vitamin) A beautiful electronic and acoustic mix of songs, leaping forth from the myriad of acoustic singer-songwriters is this distinctive voice of cultivated electro pop, electronica and blues... this more than worth your time (Chris Peken, City Hub). Beneath the Stars was charismatic, likeable stuff that cemented her place in the Sydney indie scene. From play one, I felt an instant connection and obviously I was not alone. Every spin on FBi provoked listener response, which I can assure is not the norm (Stephen Ferris, FBi 94.5FM)

In 2007, prior to an international tour throughout France and Germany, Liz Martin produced Night Music (Vitamin), a spacious and haunting quality of sound in the tradition of fellow Australians The Dirty Three, Nick Cave and The Triffids.

In 2010, in the aftermath of her father's death, and as she recovered from major surgery, Liz began Dance a Little, Live a Little (Vitamin, 2011). Presented as Album of the Week on ABC Radio National, Tim Ritchie (Sound Quality, ABC Radio National) described the album as evocative, alluring and strangely comforting and Lucky Oceans (The Daily Planet, ABC Radio National) as wildly eclectic... quirky, playful hipness coupled with emotional openness... an ever-changing, surprising ride of an album.

In a sweet spot between jazz, pop and folk Liz Martin has found a groove that perfectly conveys the subtle, wistful, longing of a poet’s muse with a suite of songs that range from heart achingly tender ballads to playful instrumentals. It is a remarkable collection of work, stylistically cohesive, yet varied and rich, stamped with the authority of some of Sydney’s finest musicians. But at the centre of everything is a voice that is beauty itself... A brilliant and tender album full of honesty, lightness and humour Liz Martin proves that a little bit of dancing can come from a whole lot of living (Ian Shadwell,

In 2011, Liz received a touring grant from the Contemporary Music Touring Program to tour Dance a Little, Live a Little throughout rural and metropolitan Australia to be completed 2012.


Sydney-based, Liz Martin has performed extensively throughout her hometown including Walking on Air, with Aerialise troupe at the Opera House Studio; Night Time and Music for Trees programs at The Carriageworks; and numerous headliner gigs at venues including The Vanguard, The Hopetoun, Notes Live, The Raval, The Opera Bar, The Red Rattler, and Camelot.

Liz has toured nationally performing at the Espy, Wesley Anne and Corner Bar in Melbourne, The Rails in Byron Bay, and Mullumbimby Civic Hall to name a few. Internationally throughout the south of France, Hamburg, Berlin and Hollywood, in venues such as the Haddock Cafe, Nimes; Fairfield Cafe, Toulouse; El Inca, Bordeaux; Hasenschaukel, Hamburg; and An einem Sonntag im August, Berlin.

Music Festivals Liz Martin has performed at include The Great Escape, Newtown Festival, Parklife Festival, Peat's Ridge Festival, Mullumbimby Festival, and Underbelly Arts music lab.

In 2011 Liz Martin joined Jordie Lane, Husky, Jen Chloer, Tin Pan Orange and Harry James Angus, for Storm in a Teacup, touring Melbourne, Sydney and Mullumbimby.

Music co-ordinator & tutor…

Since 2007 Liz Martin has also been the course co-ordinator and music tutor for Mission Australia's Sounds of the Street, a TAFE accredited music program for youth aged 16-25 years. The program aims to enable students to write, record and perform original music, within the styles they are interested in such as hip hop, indie pop, metal, electronica and hardstyle. Students learn skills in song-writing, recording, Protools and Reason, as well as optional instrumental tuition in guitar/drums/vocals/keyboard.